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Some thoughts on the dangers posed by Identarianism and the Vampires' Castle—And address before the church's AGM

READING: Matthew 6:1-15

In my minister’s comments in the Annual Report (which you can read in full at the end of this address) you will have seen I feel that

. . . looking around and seeing the seemingly inexorable rise of intolerant nationalisms as well as an increase in conservative social and religious rhetorics . . .  many of us here are beginning more and more to appreciate that, as stewards of a powerful reasonable, emotionally and intellectually intelligent, open-hearted and minded, tolerant religion that is deeply rooted in the European democratic liberal Christian and Enlightenment traditions, we really do now have a duty to get our inclusive message heard more widely.

This brief address introduces you to two very contemporary examples that make this point pretty strongly. But, before I introduce you to Generation Identity and the Vampires’ Castle I need to lay before you the general liberal religious issue at stake, namely, repentance (“metanoia”, that is to say a “turning a…

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