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Why the embarrassed laughter matters—Some reflections for the 50th Anniversary of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Franco "Bifo" Berardi's new book "Futurability: The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility" is out

A Time for Prayer: A piece written for the Brahmo Samaj, India following the 2005 7/7 London bombings and offered again, today, after the suicide attack in Manchester

Revisiting Michael Roberts' call for a good, progressive, leftist, liberal rhetoric

Resisiting the dualist view of the world—A few words by Paul Wienpahl (1916-1980) accompanied by some photos of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Cattle on Stourbridge Common, Cambridge—A few photos

Pirates and Unitarians—On radical democracy, utopias, Islam and ideas of unity

Roadside wild-flowers in Fen Ditton

An insurrectionary necromancy: on hauntology, open futures and talking with ghosts